About Us

Since we opened our doors, CHACHA has become the healthiest chocolate reference on the market.

We started CHACHA in 2020, however we have been producing sugar-free chocolates since 2016, for people who want to take care of themselves without depriving themselves of their cravings.

We have worked hard to achieve a product that has nothing to envy to traditional chocolates, but this time, the indulgence is suitable for everyone (diabetics, vegan celiacs, lactose intolerant people, etc.) in its healthiest version.


She is an architect from the Universidad de los Andes, a specialist in fitness nutrition from the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), a diploma in conscious cooking and certified in child nutrition.
Ana Santa is dedicated to spreading how to lead a healthy lifestyle, a balance between good nutrition and exercise in an environment where events, trips and stumbles are part of life and the journey.
As a healthcare professional, she helps set realistic goals, adopt healthy habits, and make sustainable changes over time. Through advice, tips, information and recipes that lead us to achieve the best version of ourselves, enjoying the journey.